Road Cycling

This group is for roadies of all abilities. Tell us about your favorite places to ride, your training, or the tour you just completed. Share info/photos about group rides and gear. Click "START DISCUSSION" below to post your stories/photos.

Want a little more than a 5K?

It's not a cycling race, and it's definitely not an adventure race, we give you that, but this WILL get you ready for an awesome spring, summer and fall in our lovely mountains! Check out this mountain foothill race:

Join us on a 5 mile trail course in beautiful Bear Creek Regional Park West.  You will course next to a creek, on winding single track and fast wide track.  Then, in marked segments of the course, there are short distances to sprint your heart out (if you choose).  Racers will be awarded for finishing the main course as in a normal trail run, but there will be segment awards, too! Register today before prices go up. Only $29 until March 17th.