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The Pinery (Formerly the Fish Market) on Bijou Hill Proposes Turning into a Full-Time Restaurant

The approach and departure streets to The Pinery are on an approved Colorado Springs Bike Route. As hundreds of users utilize this bike route, the increase in traffic of hundreds of vehicles per day will create a safety hazard for bikers. The exit from The Pinery onto Bijou Street is a steep downward exit, which will result in many protrusions into the street by drivers. Additionally, the junction of West Bijou Street and 7th Street is extremely steep as well, and many more intrusions past the stop sign onto 7th Street will occur. In winter conditions, it would be highly expected that damage to homes and to vehicles parked below that exit in addition to wiping out any pedestrian or bike traffic that happens to be in the way.

If you're one of the many users of this bike route, please send an email or attend the meeting to voice your concern!

Email here:

Attend This:  Neighborhood Meeting, This Wednesday (Sept 11) from 5.30-7.30pm @ Westside Community Center, Community Room 1628 W. Bijou St.