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Help build new trail to summit of Cheyenne Mountain

From Paul Mead, Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

After talking about it for years we are finally ready to put some tools in the dirt and start construction on a trail to the top of Cheyenne Mountain. Colorado State Parks, in association with Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado, is having a trail construction weekend October 7 - 9 (Fri - Sat).

This will be a down payment on what will eventually be a trail that is about four miles long to the southeast side of the top of Cheyenne Mountain. This new trail will be called the Dixon Trail.

It will start at the highest point of the North Talon Trail and work its way up the ridge and disappear into the backcountry. This is definitely some sweet terrain! And no, this isn't just another hiking trail that you can bike if you want, this trail is being designed to flow -- it will be a fun ride!

Since this is a VOC project that means that meals are included. There will be a hot breakfast, a pack your own lunch at the lunch fixins table, and appetizers followed by dinner. A luau theme is planned, so pack your grass skirt and be prepared to eat pig and drink beer. (Sorry, no poi.)

Free camping will be in the park's Meadow Group camping area. Hot showers are available in the park so you don't have to go to bed stinking like a sweaty pack animal if you don't want to.

Bring your bike and at the end of the day you can sample some of the 20 miles of trails in the park.

For more information and to sign up go here.
Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado
Cheyenne Mountain State Park
Friends of Cheyenne Mountain State Park