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Unlike sharks, runners can stand still...or so we're told.

I've dealt with the past week and a half of this whole "not-running-on-an-injury" thing pretty well.  Now, my resolve is wearing thin.  I know, I know, runners are not like sharks - we don't die if we stop moving.  That may be true in the most literal sense, but the similarities ends there.  There is a emotional and social death that occurs when a runner is not running for more than a few consecutive days.  Dramatic? Yes, but hear me out.  When you run, you have lots of friends who run.…


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Biking Pikes

You know that smell that accompanies overheating engines on the Pikes Peaks Highway?  If that's how an engine reacts to the grade and the altitude, just imagine how human quads feel.  I no long need to use my imagination in this situation, because I experienced the real thing this morning.

I parked just before the gate onto the Pikes Peak Highway around 7:45am and got started with my ride around 8.  I had no idea what to expect of this challenge; no idea how long I should expect to…


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Classic 10K: How Slow Can You Go?

Saturday's Classic 10K, part of the Grand Prix Series, was more like a shuffle that landed me at least 10 minutes from my PR.  This is a downhill course on pavement, it should have been an opportunity to set a new PR.  Instead it was an opportunity to dwell on the merits of listening to your body.  When a handful of Advil doesn't make a dent in the nearly nauseating jolt that shoots through your right leg with every step, your body is no longer politely requesting that you reconsider your…


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Just Say "No"

It's so easy to sign up for races.  All that's required is a runner's high that erases all hesitation and a willingness to pay $40 for a few hours of torture.  This familiarity with the phrase: "Yes, of course I'll run that!" made me think twice this morning.  It was still dark outside when my alarm woke me up at 4:30am.  That would have allowed me 2:30 to prepare for the Barr Trail Mountain Race.  I rolled out of bed, pulled out my Purple and Gold singlet and was about to down a handful of…


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2 Crowns Down and 1 to Go in the Purple and Gold Nation

The hip was appreciative of yesterday's ice bath and that's about all that mattered during this morning's Summer Roundup 12K.  It didn't particularly like the stairs in the middle of the course, but if that was the only complaint, I'll take it.

Now, to get a better idea of the racing conditions this morning (beginning at 7am) feel free to turn your oven to broil and climb in.  Now, once you're in the oven start running. It's a bit cramped in there? Ah well, do your best.  You may…


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Race Prep in Pictures

I know, when you think of "sponsored" runners you think of the Olympics, Meb, Shalane, Kara, and the Nike Oregon Project.  The first group that pops into your head is likely not the PikesPeakSports.us Triple Crown Runners.  We are however, much thanks to Orange Theory Fitness, Mountain Equipment Recyclers, and the Pikes Peak Marathon, sponsored athletes.  While I can't speak for all seven of us here, I am also a mere mortal.  In addition to my awesome summer running gig, I work full-time and…


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