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Hanging with the Kickstand Crew/Denver Cruisers...

This last Wednesday I had the pleasure of hanging out with the guys at Kickstand magazine in Denver created by Denver Cruiser's mastermind, Brad Evans. It's been inspiring to walk into their office down in the

Sante Fe Arts District just south of Downtown/Colfax Ave exit an enter a

room that is always filled with a new batch of cruisers. This time, an

all white (even down to the tires) city bike from my former home, the

Netherlands, stands out. A beautiful masterpiece of…


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Old Story: Tour De Victor

(This is my account of one of my favorite races every in my 20 years of racing...which sadly the year I did it would be the last. 2004 I believe)

So it wasn’t long ago that I got roped into what my friend calls “The Toughest Mountain Bike Race under 20 miles in Colorado". Sure whatever. In the day of 29″ wheels and semi slick tires mountain bike racing is dead and trying to revive NORBA is like trying to pump up a flat tire with one of those mini-pumps. Besides, I’m sick of racing… Continue

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Bikes and Music=The Perfect Mix

ealized today how much I love to ride my bike and how much I was meant to ride it. It just resets my brain and helps me clear shit. I put in the headphones, move it to the "1ride1live" playlist on my Ipod and begin the process of emptying my brain....instead filling it with the music I rarely listen to anymore. The old punk and metal stuff mostly. The stuff that can drive my ride and push me beyond my lung and heart capacity. Pantera, Motorhead, Thrill Kill Kult, Mudhoney, Dead Kennedys,… Continue

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About a Boy (And his Bike)

(My friend Phoebe challenged me to write something other than my funny misadventures or my non-fiction. To write something about me. So here is the start)

It was the summer of 1989 that a small town child had oddly been exposed to the idea of an “all terrain bicycle”. The oddity derived from the fact the boy grew up in a secluded subdivision 7 miles away from a little nowhere town of 25,000 known to the mapmakers as Winona, MN, and even then it was a subdivision of 5 homes that… Continue

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