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What if there was a Colorado Springs Off Road Duathlon Series?

Just thinking out loud here, but why don't we have something like this?

In my limited understanding of local events, one of the reasons there isn't more events is the cost involved. Specifically, the cost of using the roads. An event series like this would rely very little on road usage. Events like this could be done during the off season so they don't interfere with existing events. An event like this could also unite the outdoor community (runners and cyclists) in a common cause.

So were could there be events like this?

You name it, we've got tons of potential venues right here in town.

1. Palmer Park - Centrally located, lots of parking and great trails. So many great trails that the runners and riders probably wouldn't even come into contact.

2. Red Rock Canyon - Easy to get to, right off Highway 24. Plenty of parking at two trail heads and again, great trails.

3. Cheyenne Mountain State Park - This could be the perfect location!

4. The Air Force Academy - Another great location.

5. Upper Cheyenne Canyon - Now that could be an epic race.

6. Bear Creek Park - Imagine a reverse Duathlon were it starts with the bike through Bear Creek Park, you come out on the other side and run to the top of Section 16 and back down, then hop back on your bike and sprint to the finish through Bear Creek Park again!

Just trying to mix my two loves here, Trail Running and Mountain Biking. Anyone have any thoughts on this?

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Nothing wrong with changing the order a bit. I know they do it on the third race of the Chilly Cheeks Duathlon series. I like the Bear Creek idea, except I'm not sure how well Section 16 would do with lots of runners on it. You could always start the bike from the park like you said, and then have the bike staging area maybe in that parking lot at the bottom of High Drive, then a run up High Drive would give people chances to pass each other...or be passed. Then after the turnaround somewhere on High Drive, people grab their bikes for a quick ride back through the park.
Series....that's a cool idea. I've been meaning to try some du's too.

Jon Severson said:
Brian I think this is a great idea too. I'm always a little surprised duatholons aren't more popular seeing that there is a bit less cost than say a Tri which you typically need a wetsuit for and well we don't have much for water you'd want to sink your body in around here (Fountain Creek? Memorial Lake? Yeah I'll pass!). But a bike and a pair of running shoes do the trick. Hell most people have both. Low barrier to entry. hundreds of miles of trails. Their should be a series. :)


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